Society activities

The charitable program “Giving smiles” Gifts for to poor patients at General hospital in Gia Lai

The charitable program “Giving Smiles” is society - philanthropy activities held and carried out by Aloe Trading Company in coordination with distributors from the country’s provinces and cities. This was a practical significant activity towards to the community and society in joining hands and contribution of all members of Aloe Trading Company. With the plan is scheduled to do in many provinces and cities over the country, the first program was performed on the last day of Mar 23, 2014 with 300 gifts (each valued 500.000 VND) given to poor patients at General Hospital in Gia Lai. The program had the attendance of Aloe Trading Company Branch’s Director in Gia Lai – Mr. Nguyen The Vu, The Union Secretary of Gia Lai General Hospital, Union representative of Phu Dong Ward, Pleiku city, Gia Lai province and especially the enthusiastic participation and contribution of Managers Vo Ngoc Chien, Vu Thi Thanh Quyen together with 30 distributors of Aloe Trading Company in Gia Lai.

The program took place successfully and hopefully that the attentive sentiments together with significant gifts will be able bring the poor patients the smiles that will help them overcome their disease pains to recover their strength. It is hoped that the program will be extended into all provinces around the country and more and more distributors will take part in the program together with Aloe Trading Company in the coming time.

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