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The visit and business in Vietnam of the Chairwoman of MLMIA

From 28 November to 07 December, 2011, Mrs. Doris Wood, the Chairwoman of Multi-level Marketing International Association (MLMIA) has visited and worked in Vietnam according to the invitation of Vietnam Multi-level Marketing Association (MLMA). 

The presentation of Mrs. Doris Wood in the seminar program “The practice of The United States Multi-level Marketing Association – The experience for Vietnam”

On 30 November, at the Southern representative office of MLMA located at the Ho Chi Minh City, Mrs. Wood had the official working session with the Executive Board of MLMA. Both Parties discussed the issues of common concern and commitment that would cooperate and support together in the operational areas of each Party in Vietnam and around the world. On a short term view, the side of MLMA will help broadening activities in Vietnam, and the side of MLMIA, they will help developing activities of MLMA and MLMIA members in the foreign countries.

The most high-profile activity in this trip of Mrs. Wood is to attend the seminar program “The practice of the Multi-level Marketing activities in the United States – The experience for Vietnam” held in the Ho Chi Minh City in cooperation between the Vietnam Competition Authority under Ministry of Industry and Trade and MLMA in the morning of 2 December 2011 with the valuable guests including the representative of Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Interior, the representatives of provincial Departments of Industry and Trade and the organizations and the associations such as Vietnam Lawyers Association, Ho Chi Minh City Lawyers Association, Association of Anti-copycat and Consumer Protection, Association of Consumer Protection, Vietnam Association of Dietary Supplements... In this seminar, Mrs. Wood provided the great number of valuable information with history of establishment, development and the key issues of the reality of the international Multi-level Marketing model’s activities. Furthermore, Mrs Wood, with over 50 years she served in Multi-level Marketing, she has eruditely presented about the experience of the United States in this area, as well as the recommendations with the authorities, the Associations, the enterprises and the Vietnamese Distributors, aimed at promoting the sustainable growth of Multi-level Marketing activities in Vietnam. Besides, the representatives of authorities, associations, enterprises, etc, who attended in the seminar highly appreciated the valuable information provided by the Chairwoman of MLMIA, and they also experienced and summarized the great number of precious experience in order to apply to the practical situation in their operation areas.

In the afternoon, on 2 December 2011, the Chairwoman of MLMIA has highly appreciated the activities of MLMA after she attended the seminar of MLMA with the theme The summing-up of Association activities of year 2011 and setting out the guidelines and the plans of year 2012 in the afternoon of 2 December 2011. In this visit, Mrs. Wood had courtesy meeting, and information exchange with the Deputy of Ministry of Industry and Trade Tran Quoc Khanh, together with the representative of Vietnam Lawyers Association, the Union of Ho Chi Minh City Friendship Organizations, the Consulate General of the United States in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, she has particularly visited and presented the issues in association with MLM activities which were got the concerns of the great deal of people from the member enterprises in MLMA, including Aloe Trading Company Limited, Vietnam Vision Company, Lien Ket Trien Vong Company Limited.

In addition to activities in Ho Chi minh City. On the occasion of this visit, Mrs. Wood had a visit to Ben Tre province with her target of discovery of the operation of the high-class Forever Green Resort, which is a effectively expanded business model of MLMA member, Aloe Trading Company Limited.

On 7 December 2011, the Chairwoman of MLMIA got the plane to return the United States and finished her visit and business in Vietnam.

Source : Vietnam Multi-level Marketing Association


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