Society activities

Engagement – companion with the community

With the business theory which is heading to and share with the community in the early days of establishment, Aloe Trading Company (ATC) has always stood side by side and accompany with and attach to the social charity program. The reality proved that the more successful Aloe’s business is, the more contribution and sharing of the company with the community are given.

The humane spirit of “love your neighbor as yourself”, or “a little help in need is better than a big amount in affluence” principle is not just paying lip service. It must be shown in humanitarian works by Aloe’s big family. These charity works contributed to warm up the human lives, the unfortunate or risky fate, the natural disaster in the society. One of the concerns and the special priorities Mrs. Truong Thi Nhi, the Chairwoman and the General Director of ATC would like to give to her Dong Khoi hometown is that she wishes to do something beneficial for this rich-in-revolution but less-privileged land.    
Furthermore, this is also the wish of this Chairwoman’s mother to improve the life of poor residents, and to offer their children favorable conditions to study, etc. Therefore, Aloe Company has invested USD 50 million to an international standardized five-star Forever Green Resort in Phu Tuc commune, Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province, initially aiming at serving the residents in her hometown , and providing them opportunity to visit, and enjoy the most modern resort’s environment; as well as creating job opportunities for many local people. 

On June 01st, 2010, the International Children’s day, the area B of this project has been put into the operation, including the inauguration of the children’s playground; when 300 students insured under local family welfare policy were honored to receive the gifts from the Board of Directors of Aloe Company, and enjoy free meals and recreation. Besides, it was particularly a meaningful playground for the children in the poor countryside. Recently, in the middle of year 2012, Aloe Company in cooperation with the Charity Group, and the Handerson High school of Singapore, together with the Agents in Ben Tre province organized an eye check-up for 3,000 poor residents, as well as granted 2,000 eye-glasses to the residents at Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province.


In the previous years, the Aloe Company has had the practical activities of taking care of, and giving the gifts to the poor children and students such as the celebration of ‘The Mid-Autumn Festival”, the grant of bicycles for the students in Ben Tre province and  two districts of Tam Binh, Tra On in Vinh Long province, etc. 

On the traditional Tet’s holidays, Aloe Company did not forget to give the gifts to the poor residents in many areas of Ben Tre province, and other provinces. Hence, the poor residents in 2 communes of Phu Tuc and Phu Duc was not able to forget the happiness as receiving the New Year’s gifts in year 2000 right at the high-class Forever Green Resort. Also, the New Year’s gifts including cash, rice, a blanket and new clothes were handed in poor residents and made most of them emotional. Moreover, Aloe Company gave the Tiger New Year’s gifts to the workers who are in construction workers in Forever Green Resort and the veterans in Chau Thanh district, Binh Duong province, Binh Phuoc province, etc.  

On the other hand, the Aloe Company also gives the gifts, and provides aid for the residents in natural disasters infected areas, and flooded area. In particular, in 2010, Aloe Company supported the local residents in districts such as Ngu Thuy, Le Thuy (Quang Binh); Khanh Loc, Can Loc (Ha Tinh province) to overcome the effects of natural disaster including 500 gifts which are worth VND 500 million.


The society activities of Aloe Company

Aloe Company with the tradition of “Gratitude is the sign of noble souls”, “When you drink from the stream, remember the source” constantly took much interest to the students and families under the merit revolutionary policy in Ben Tre province and other local areas. In addition to the trips coming back the father land which was to give the gifts and money, Aloe Company also held the free diseases test and treatment, and supplied the medicines, and granted the House of love, and sponsored the heroic Vietnamese mothers, and support the soldiers in Truong Sa, and remote island, etc. Moreover, these practical activities not only bring them the happiness, but help the local welfare policy families reduce the loss and pains. Furthermore, the unforgettable thing is the activities aimed at the community which consisted of supporting the victims of Agent Orange Dioxin in Ben Tre province, participating in the humane blood donation, and encouraging the “home love connection”, as well as supporting the activities of education and training, and taking much interest in the poor teachers and students, etc, which always have the companion of the Aloe Company.   

As Mrs. Nhi stated “the enterprise’s culture is expressed through its contribution and sharing. Therefore, in addition to the business growth objectives, we are always heading to the company and consider this activity as the loadstar to the Aloe Company’s success. 

Khai Hoan – Giai Phong Newspapers


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