Society activities


From 27-28 October, 2010, thanks to the cooperation of HCM City Red Cross, ATC together with a few of Managers working in the Central market visited, examined diseases, incentivized and gave presents as well as supported the Central compatriots in order to overcome consequences of the past flood. According to the known source of news, the majority of houses and properties of the residents were engulfed by the flood. Following the local residents, members in their business trip did not avoid the shocked feeling about the enormous devastation of the fierce flood. When the flood began to recede, thousands of houses and people were actually heartrending to collect what the flood has left.
Via this program, ATC supported 500 presents equivalent to the total value of 100 million VND for the compatriots in such districts as Ngu Thuy, Le Thuy, Quang Binh and Khanh Loc, Can Loc, Ha Tinh. Even though the value of those presents was not much, we do hope that together with the mobilization of mutual affection and assistance, the compatriots of the Central provinces will soon overcome consequences of natural disaster and soon return to their daily activities of lives.
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