Letter from country mannager


Dear all of you!

Warmly welcome all of you to the “Success day” program today at the Youth Sport Cultural Palace, Hai Phong City. We have just spent the first Quarter of year 2012 with the initial achievements in having your names recorded in the list of Accredited Distributors today. Congratulations to all of you!

After the glorious success of overcoming the Southern Distributors and winning the emulation flag, you are still going on with your persistent efforts in order to be here today sharing the happiness with your teammates. I hope your effort will help maintain or even surpass the current Northern revenues. I am aware that it is not easy to achieve such on-going successes, and it is even more difficult to maintain these successes. As a result, I hope that all of you will not “rest on your laurels” and will not think that you are strong enough, talented enough, and therefore stop trying and enjoy the victory without caring for further development in the future. Such negative thoughts will prevent your improvement and you would not be able to take the advantages offered by Forever to make your dreams come true.  

Therefore, why don’t we replace those pessimistic views by more optimistic ways of thinking? Please believe in the potential for development of our Company in the near future. This would not completely depend on the Company, but greatly thanks to your effort and contributions. Remember our current policy “Be always friendly and supportive to the customers” for further success in your career. Furthermore, the new targets as well as the new prospects that Forever designed and put into practice around the world are still waiting for you to conquer. Thus, please set up a Specific plan which you and your team would try to fulfill during the whole year 2012. With this plan, all will strive to work and make effort to reach the position of Eagle Manager in order to get the ticket to reach the wonderful Sardinia island of Italy. Or you would become The Managers qualified for profit sharing or The Manager qualified for attending the Global Rally firstly held in the beautiful and well-known Hawaii paradise around the world!  

Those are the most significant gifts all of you will receive from the Company if you strive and take the best advantages of good opportunities. The time is not so long any more. Please set your goal right now with more specific plans. Your persevering effort and commitment will pay off with amazing results in 2013. Then, you together with other successful Managers of Forever would be able to visit the well-known paradises in the world, where not anybody is able to reach.        

For Managers, Assistant Managers, Supervisor and Assistant Supervisor recognized in “Success day” today, all of you should take the best advantages of these newly gained achievements in order to build up the next steps of success. These could help all of you to step on the glorious platform of FLP career. Hence, all of you, please commit yourself to the current achievements and do not neglect in striving for development and success like our successful Managers in the past. I always hope that all of you would achieve success like them, and enjoy wonderful experience like them, and have a prosperous life like them. And in order to achieve that goal, firstly all of you also should establish the target for yourself and your team, and set up the specific plans and take action with the strongest determination.

Once again, I sincerely congratulate all of you – the newly successful members of Lo Hoi Family. I wish all of you a lot of health and happiness in order to reach better promotions on your path of FLP career. Furthermore, all of you will always know how to develop your career properly, and get the achievements transparently, and deserve to be the typical, cultural and moral FLP Distributors as working in this unique business career.         

In conclusion, I sincerely thank all of you for spending your precious time participating in the program. Also, sincerely thanks the Board of Organization, all Distributors and the BODs of the Sport Cultural Palace in Hai Phong City for supporting the program successfully.
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