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Radiation sickness

Disease is caused by overdosed ionized radiation affecting human body. It may be met in patients treated by X rays or radioactive substances, victims of atomic explosions, acident in the atomic power plant or in the laboratory researching atomic nuclear.

Depending on the seriousness and the time of radiation contamination, this sickness occured in the pernicious or chronic condition. The pernicious condition (outside the center of explosion) with the neurological complications kills immediately or after several hours; the gastrointestinal complications (vomiting, diarrhea, fever, etc) within 15 first days and helps to kill quickly; the blood complications because of atrophying bone marrow occurring after 2 – 3 days, causing death because of reducing the function to generate the blood in bone marrow. Rarely recover from an illness. The patients infected by radiation may show signs immediate, mild, transient such as seasickness (or yawning, nausea, vomitting, pale skin, sweating, wanna fainting); may have the slow signs such as tiredness, liquid excrement, vomitting, fever, being difficult to breathe, low blood pressure, because of radiation ray damaging blood, because of being infected the poison from tissue (cancer). Provision: the doctor needs to assign limit the X-ray examination, radiation to the necessary extent (particularly for pregnant women, children, etc); in the therapy by radiation, which is necessary to monitor and care the patient carefully; protect the labors, implement the regulations and the policies adequately for the people who use the equipments or directly touch the radioactive substances, etc.

Radioactive substance:

The radioactive substance is a natural form of energy in the soil, from the sunlight and the cosmic rays, and also originated from the artificial sources such as X-ray machine, the medical machines using the radiation for diagnosis and treatment, the probes, etc. Hence, we are able to touch, eat and drink, breathe CPX.

The artificial CPX offered many benefits in diagnosis, treatment, as well as a series of technologies in science, biological research, agriculture and industry. The X-ray is used to scan luggage in the airport, check the defects of weld and welding seams or cracks in the construction, etc. The strong radiation is successfully used in the growth of 1,500 varieties of food trees and plants for high productivities, better resistance to the natural conditions and pests.

Effects of CPX to the human body:

An amount of the smallest ionization BX penetrating the living cell can harm to the tissue for a long time, affect the cell function, cause the mild reactions such as redness skin, or serious effects such as cancer or death, depending on the CPX which the body absorbs, the PX type, the touch way and the touch time.

The high dose in one time can cause the death, while such same dose absorbs for a long time is possible not to cause any signs of disease. Touching the PX according to its dose rarely causes the serious damage to the genetic DNA molecule, the abnormal cells are formed and produced can increase the danger of cancer or the other bad effects on the health.

Symptoms of infecting radiation:

The important thing is the harm of BX has no special signs and symptoms, therefore the victims are not aware that they are possible to be radiated.

The initial symptoms after being radiated:

- Nausea, tiredness accompanied by erythema, may fever and accompany by diarrhea and other symptoms that cannot explain the cause. Then, the period of incubation with different time, which is typical by the symptoms of infection, bleeding, gastrointestinal disease, lack of the blood cells.

- The skin harm are not caused by the following causes: thermal or chemical burns, insect bites, disease of skin or medical allergy in the past. There are the symptoms of hair loss or blood problems (such as blood spots, teeth or nose bleeding), nausea and vomiting 2-4 weeks ago.

- The partial irradiation which depends on the dose can cause the infected area to be erythema, edema, dry and wet blister burn scap peeling, pain, necrosis. The partial skin injuries evolving slowly can cause the pain and be difficult for the treatment.

Radiation source in the radiotherapy device can only radiate a small area on the skin and the cell. In those cases, the high doses are also not dangerous to the life, but can cause the partial harm, the other parts such as organs, bone marrow and nervous central still keep functioning normally.

However, when the skin touches the strong radiation source will be seriously harmed such as redness marks, blisters and ulcer. If the dose is not very high, the wound can be healed in few weeks. But if the high dose kills all of skin cells, the recovery from a wound will be very long and leave scar. If the gonads must suffer the dose which is equal with the dose of whole body causing the death, the possibility of infertility immediately or permanently occurs. In the radiotherapy, when a tumor is radiated the daily consecutive high dose in several weeks, the adjacent healthy tissues are also affected.

If you suspect to have the radiation contamination, it is necessary to avoid the spread of CPX by isolation. Please contact BX safety agency or service establishment to examine the radiation and test the blood, every 4-6 hours in a day to evaluate the expression of reducing the white cell in blood. According to the traditional medicine, fasting can fight against radiation and ultraviolet rays. Soy sauce has benefit to get rid of poisons of metal, chemical and radiation from the body as well as can detoxify “nicotine” of cigarette, and the brown rice containing glutation also has the effect against varieties of radiation.

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