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Benefits of Bee Pollen

Worker bee collects pollen from the male pistil of flowers to create this medicinal herb. Pollen is considered as a medicinal herb which helps to lose weight thanks to the motivation itself wearing out its calory naturally. It also increases strength and endurance of the body without causing side-effect. A research lasting 2 years of Pratt Íntitute in New York shows that pollen helps gymnasts to recover their physical force quickly after intense competitions.

Pollen is the male cell used to propagate for flower. The successful pollination with female pistil will create seeds. For bee, pollen is the important product not only for itself but also helps flowers in propagation. All of gained nutrients in the honey is from pollen that worker bees collected.

At the beginning, people only pay attention to honey but do not absolutely pay attention to pollen. Only a few dozen recent years, people in Eastern Europe begins to evaluate pollen, and people in Western Europe, and then people in North America. In 1970 decade, pollen becomes an excited issue in America so that a President became customer using pollen. 

Not any pollen is the same structure. Worker bees collect pollen from various kinds of flowers. Thanks to it, the nutriment is helpfully balanced for both bee and people. The honey is classified as the high-grade medicinal herb for viscera (according to Schmalzel, 1980). The blend of pollen also can dissolve the alkaline nutrient and even poisons. It is difficult to clearly analyze the quality and the ingredients of pollen, but in general the chemical ingredient of pollen is divided as follows: 24% protein, 27% carbohydrates in which the majority is the simple sugar supplemented by nectar and honey to create the pollen grain. Most of pollen only contain 5% fat which is very difficult for body of people to absorb, hence it does not contribute to the energy ingredient for body. Pollen also contains a lot of minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, copper, magnesium and manganese. Only use one or a few grams of it a day is enough nutrients for body. There are a few of salt in polen but very rich in vitamins B such as vitamin B1, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, biotin, and vitamin B6. It does not contain the solute vitamins in oil such as vitamin D, K and E.

Pollen contains many proteins most in all of vitamin sources, except for chicken. 50% of vitamin and 7.5 times iron more than beef. It is very rich in ca-ro-tin, provitamin A, more vitamin A than cabbage. Therefore, pollen is considered as the perfect food of human.

The majority of suppliers encourage you to use only a small quantity of pollen when starting to use. There are also many ideas doubt of the possible allergies of pollen. However, among millions of users, very few reports are recorded on this issue. Some individuals are so sensitive that can get bellyache, itching, fatigue, asthma, headache, or diarrhea. No deaths have been reported when using pollen.

Many documents show that pollen has indication in the treatment of prostatitis and the protection of the body against radioactivity of X ray, reduces symptom of summer fever. Researches also confirm that pollen is very useful for gymnasts while they are in competition, which is the natural herb to help lose weight by consuming more energy, strengthen strength and endurance, increase the immune system, help the body to increase resistance and against diseases and infection. According to Devlin, 1981, and Thorsons, 1989, pollen mitigates symptoms of stomach ulcer, cold, infection, allergies and sexual arousal thanks to enhancing hormone secretion (hormone) in the body.
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